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Swish Financial is a fully functional company with investment services ranging from Cryptocurrency investment, Forex trading, Stocks & Commodities investment, & Real Estate investment. Our company provides acquisition, development and finance expertise for both commercial and individual investors.

We are committed to making sure you achieve your investment goals, with our full time mining network, professional traders and affiliate system at your disposal.

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Our Features

Strong Security

Strong protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption.

Payment Option

We accept four popular payment method: Bitcoin, etherum, bitcoin cash and litecoin.

World Coverage

Providing services to all countries around the globe.

24/7 Support

Dedicated support via email, phone and live chat around the clock to answer your questions.

Professional Charts

Real-time market data, as well as high-spec technical analysis tools satisfy the most demanding trader.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management Services help you pursue your financial needs as they grow and change.

Why Choose US

Professional Traders

A team of professional market traders who are profitable trading with cryptocurrency on the most popular world exchanges.

High-Quality Technical Expert

High-Quality technical expert with knowledge and experience in the field of internet technologies, digital marketing and sociological research.

Instant Payouts

Payouts and withdrawals are processed as fast as possible with the help of our automated system so as to ensure investors receive their funds on time.

How it works


Sign up for Crypto Coin

Create an Account click here to register.


Deposit in Plan

Deposit in a preferred plan to start up your investment


Start Earning

Start earning profits and request for a withdrawal if you wish to withdraw.

Our Investment Plans

Choose a preferred plan.

  • $1k - $4.99k Free Consultation 5% weekly profit 5x Trading PREMIUM Sign up
  • $5k - $49.99k Free Consultation 7% weekly profit 5x Trading ESSENTIAL Sign up
  • $50k - $499.99k Investment Advice 9% weekly profit Unlimited Trading Phone Support PLATINUM Sign up
  • $500k + Investment Advice 12% weekly profit Unlimited Trading Phone Support CREST Sign up

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program opens up additional opportunities for all our investors. By inviting your friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues to our affiliate program, You can earn a guaranteed decent reward for your work. Our affiliate program reward in the amount of 5% from the first deposited funds of your referrals.

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Our services

Cryptocurrency Investment

This is becoming the "New Money" in the finance industry, making waves and amazing returns on invested capital.

Forex Trading

With the Meta Trader 5 trading software, this sector has remained innovative and profitable over the years.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth.

Cryptocurrency Live Chart


Below are some frequently asked questions . If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

We take a number of precautionary measures to ensure that the personal details of our investors are held in absolute confidence and are securely stored so as not to be accessible by unauthorized persons.

You can become a part of the company by creating an account from the registration page.

Investors’ funds are held in segregated accounts, meaning completely separate from the company’s accounts. Investors’ funds are kept by ICC Intercertus Capital Limited in first class banks.

We have no conflicts of interest that could adversely affect your portfolio performance. Unlike many brokers and other financial advisors, we receive no compensation from brokerages or mutual fund companies for investing in their funds. Our only goal is to find the best investments available to meet your objectives.

Currently, our minimum account size is $1,000 , although under some circumstances we will accept accounts less than $1,000. More important, however, than satisfying a minimum account size criteria, we are looking for long-term client relationships. It is important to us to establish a relationship with our clients where we are satisfied that our investment style will meet your needs over the long run.

Our strategy is based on a long-term disciplined approach to investing. After reviewing your Client Profile and completing the client interview process, we can develop a portfolio and asset allocation strategy to meet your individual needs and tolerance for risk. We use tactical asset allocation in our ongoing management of your portfolio.

What our clients say

Sandeep Bhushan

This is Awesome, incredible techniques and best service in your life. They are trustworthy you can deposit your Digital Assets. Their loan plans are really useful.

Jonah Cray

I have an account for over three 3 years ago. It is well encrypted in Swish platform. Best quality service I’ve experienced

James stan

Investing with Swish financial over the years has been nothing less than awesome. Their customer response time, the swift account problem rectification, there has been nothing less than a promise fulfilled.

Roseline Beth

Swish Financial allows us to focus on our core business.

Kelvin Chuks

I have been using Swish Financial since the inception of my business and my transactions have been seamless and hasslefree.